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Where security meets social responsibility

Watchman works in difficult environments at the intersect of major projects and local communities, enabling a peaceful environment in which both can thrive.

Business operations that affect the environment and its inhabitants gain advantage by understanding local dynamics. Awareness of issues such as land rights, ethnic composition, political affiliation and criminal influence contributes to a project’s long term success. When these dynamics are addressed without due care, all sides suffer. Staff and assets may be targeted, neighbouring livelihoods are weakened and frictions can develop with a host government.


Watchman seeks to decrease the threat to its clients by reducing the motivation to harm them in the first place. It achieves this by ‘holistic security’ in which the many contributors leading to instability are analysed and deftly treated. Over reliance on ‘hard’ security, such as armed guarding and physical protection, creates mistrust and the expectation of trouble, alienating locals and eroding an organisation’s license to operate. Watchman's approach fosters community acceptance that sustains a project throughout its life span and beyond.


Chris Goodwin-Hudson - Prior to founding Watchman, Chris held senior positions with the international security teams at Goldman Sachs and the Aga Khan Development Network. Brought up in South America, Chris’ interest in the impact of major projects on local communities began whilst conducting postgraduate fieldwork amongst indigenous groups in Chile’s II region.

Brigadier General Tony Ling CBE - Tony left the British Army after a distinguished career spanning three decades, the majority of which was spent with the Special Air Service (SAS). On leaving, he joined British Petroleum (BP), initially as country security manager for Colombia, South America and later in a UK based global role. Tony has worked as an independent consultant since 2001. Throughout his private sector career, he has pioneered the concept of holistic security and is a recognised expert in the practical implementation of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. He is also a specialist in pipeline security.

Chris and Tony’s combined experience in multi-national finance, extractive industries and development gives Watchman rare security understanding and reach ensuring that its solutions are both proportionate and sensitively delivered.


Multi-level risk assessment using Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping.

Objective, high grade investigations that help balance mainstream media narratives. Ground truth that filters conjecture from fact.

Governance. Evaluation of existing security and investigations infrastructure to assure fitness for purpose.

Capacity building. Establishing structures and systems that promote security best practice in line with globally recognized standards. E.g. The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.